Barrel Full of Monkeys or Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse oblige

Here is something to think about.  I found it fun to look at the Constitution and see how things have changed.  I wrote this mainly in a joking manner, but there is some truth in it as crazy as it is.

The United States is a representative democracy—or so it was.  Time continues to erode the validity and truth of that statement. Our representative democracy—the beacon of democratic institutions—is turning into a noble lie. Early republican experience ranged from ancient Greece and Rome, yet each—in its inception and early practice– were small.

The United States, in its early and humble beginning, largely followed the historical precedent of early republics.  It was small in population and representation was at a preferable ratio.  At the founding, representation in the House of Representative was adaptable.  A representative is to represent no more than 30,000 citizens.  We no longer following this original provision in Article I Section II of the United States Constitution.  We capped the number of representatives at 435—and as we shift greater power and responsibility to the federal level—it’s no longer a healthy representative democracy. Our nation’s population is pushing upward to 311,000,000 people.

Think about that: 435 representatives for 311,000,000 citizens.

If we were to continue the provision—as commanded in the United States Constitution (Article I—Section II)—we would have approximately 10,366 representatives in the House.

If you were to see the Cardinals play at Busch Stadium, it holds 46,861 people—a fourth of the stadium’s capacity.

Busch Stadium

If watching the Cardinals’ spring training in Roger Dean Stadium, it would not be able to fill the number of appropriated representatives. It only holds about 6,800. Next time you’re in Busch Stadium or Roger Dean, reflect.

Roger Dean Stadium

It’s only appropriate that we refer to our 545 congressman as lords—kings or queens.  This is not to be demining.  Great Britain for the longest time was able to hold such noble titles among men and, at the same time, were able to serve the greater good.  There is a phrase for this concept—Noblesse oblige.

Congressman were born free, but everywhere they go, in chains.  To improve the nature of government and legislation, congressman should break from the saturated idea that America is a democracy and embrace what we have become—an aristocracy.  Not having to deal with citizens minor discomforts (4% tax increase), Congress will move from reacting to being preemptive, preventive, and long-term strategist.


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