10 Things Guys Should Never Do:

This list might be a little controversial, but some of these things need to be said. So here goes. . .

1. Take Pictures of Themselves Posing in a Bathroom Mirror.

Actually. . . that’s about it. Guys should never do this.

Neither should girls.

Really, if everyone could please stop doing this I think we would be that much closer to world peace.


About Derrick

Derrick lives and works in South Carolina where he teaches English at a technical college and raises his two small children with his wife, Danielle.
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2 Responses to 10 Things Guys Should Never Do:

  1. Dennis Chord says:

    This was awful. You shouldn’t have misled readers with your title. Also, I’m almost certain you omitted a comma in the last sentence. Well, sentence/paragraph. Apparently, those two pass for the same thing for you.

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