Before I’m Placed Into a Box

This is for everybody.  Some may view me as a liberal or have a liberal bent, at the least.  However, I am not comfortable with this label nor do I want this label.   This post is to act as a calibrator.

The Underpinning of Logan’s Philosophy– Here is what I know it to be:

Fear the “isms”

I urge everyone not to view conservatives or conservatism as a heartless or backwards ideology.  To construct and maintain a stable society, it must rely on its traditions and the ancient growth that sprung fourth– at times– quite yet significant, wisdom and stability.  As to governing, true lasting reformation will likely come from the evolvement of customs, not imposed laws.

Our modern labels of American conservatism and American liberalism are delicately interconnected and, at times, what the populace views as, in the mainstream sense, conservative– may not be.

For example, North Carolina legislators (minority number) introduced a resolution declaring the state’s official religion, Christian.  This may seem conservative, but it is not.  Conservatives relay on tradition to guide its principles and policies.  In the American narrative since the Constitution, establishment of a religion is not part of it.  Its embellishment may, but not its establishment– therefore it is not a conservative principle. Nor is it a liberal one.  Liberalism’s history has typically held the idea that the individual is to be free from the clashes and subjugation of a powerful state.  Many puritans fled England because of England’s religious establishment; therefore, the puritans– in this case– are one of first American liberals.

What North Carolina’s resolution resembles, in principle, is Iran’s, Afghanistan’s, and Pakistan’s Islamic Republics.  Additionally, the resolution’s spirit follows closes to that of North Korea’s man worship of the Kim IL Sung’s family because of its absolutism by an omnipotent state.  Therefore, I reject this resolution for I am an American Conservative and an American Liberal.

As Americans, we must embrace the idea that we cannot be woefully liberal or woefully conservative in our ideology if we are to meet the fast paced, complex, and globalized problems we will face.  I think we need to be keenly aware that one of democracy’s weaknesses is that its participants fall under the influence of charismatic leadership or groups that often stir their passions about subjects that are esoteric.  However, each individual can lessen this affect by reading and writing his or her thoughts, especially with sound and tested sources, and then subject it to critics. (Even the bible told me so, 1 Corinthians 3:13).


About Logan

Logan lives in Arkansas
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