It’s better to be the worst writer than the best critic

I have to admit my last post was poorly written and had poor logic.  I woke up this morning at 3 a.m.—I mean I was wide awake—tortured about the idea that Arkansas, Health Care, and Money II was sloppy and hastily written. I fear that it will be misinterpreted and further confuse readers about my position toward health-care and the government’s role in it.

My greatest weakness, in my own writing, is what I call premise jumping. This means that I don’t always connect the dots for the reader —I assume the reader has information and can start with my point A and make a connection to point B, which may or may not be specifically stated in the paper, to point C in which it is specific. That is also called bad writing.

My original intention for the post was to lay out the current structure of our health-care system such as: how much do we spend, where do we spend it, who pays for it, who holds the majority of medical debt, and what are the driving factors that are increasing health-care cost.  However, I didn’t do that.  The point of this blog, one of them at least, was to improve my writing and critical thinking abilities. Therefore, I’m taking down my last post temporarily — Arkansas, Health Care, and Money II– to improve its clarity and purpose.

Derrick’s post that proceeded my own had a lot great points to address.  With his points, I felt like a contestant on a game show in which individuals are placed into a phone-booth-like chamber where a fan spins up paper money.  I was grapping everywhere, but in the end I didn’t end up with much of anything.


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