Since moving into the eastern time zone, I haven’t gotten to watch Craig Ferguson as much as I did back in Tennessee. His show is often really, unbearably goofy, but every now and then, he gets away with something that I don’t think anyone else on TV could. Case in point:

There’s some really interesting cultural philosophy/history going on here.

I read Jose Ortega y Gasset’s famous work The Revolt of the Masses earlier this year, and it makes a very similar claim. Our new world is becoming the world of the mass-man. Ortega defines him as a man who takes almost everything for granted and glorifies his own right to do so. The mass-man feels entitled to his opinion, even when he has no cognitive foundation behind it.

Ferguson’s description of the “deification of youth” and “imbecility” strikes really close to this same chord.

Really, though, you should ignore my attempt to pseudo-intellectualize this clip by referring to an obscure text by a dead Spaniard. Just enjoy it.


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Derrick lives and works in South Carolina where he teaches English at a technical college and raises his two small children with his wife, Danielle.
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