Sit back and tell me how you feel when you read the word, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks or Chic-fil-la?  If you are emotional, see two homosexuals kissing in front of the store, or have a bubbling sense of pride with a dash of church like reverence for standing-up-for-principles, I pity you.

When I stop in for a nice freshly brewed dark roast coffee with two sugars and cream at Starbucks in the morning, I want to enjoy it as is.  I don’t want images of Big Daddy Starbucks lecturing shareholders about their disagreement with Starbuck’s support of same-sex marriage.

When I order a delicious chicken nugget meal from Chic-fil-la,  I want to enjoy it without images of God fearing executive managers or defiant homosexuals making out in front of the store.

Nor do I want to wonder around Hobby Lobby in a mindless and torturous purgatory, waiting on my wife to stop looking at the colored plastic flowers, with images of the far left feminist outside protesting their disgust.  Nor do I want to see evangelicals buying crosses and straw baskets just to show their support for a God fearing institution.   

America is walking the streets amongst an innocent and ignorant population.  America is an un-diagnosed and un-medicated individual with severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). 

I didn’t see it at first, not until the SCOTUS case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

The court’s opinion was moderate, well thought, and accommodating.  Since America’s media and political commentators have the most severe form NPD, I have to give you facts rather than hyperboles.

Hobby Lobby’s owners are religious.  As you may have heard, they opposed the mandate of contraceptive coverage.  You may NOT have heard, that Hobby Lobby only opposes 4 of the 20 approved contraceptives– specifically the post-fertilization contraceptives.  In the conservative communities, they’re abortion pills.

The court restricted the Reestablishment of Religious Freedom Act in accordance with the Affordable Care Act to privately held (not publicly traded) companies, like Hobby Lobby.  The court gave specific examples of what privately held companies could not contest on the grounds of religion (vaccination, blood transfusions, the other 16 contraceptives etc.).

The left fears proliferation in other areas.  Justice Ginsburg brought out a talking point bazooka with “I fear the court has ventured in a minefield.”  I disagree.   Homosexuals shouldn’t fear proliferation either. 

Hiring a gay employee and providing coverage to his or her family is very different to cost-sharing post-fertilization contraceptives. To the right, they are co-paying murder.

America is anti-authoritarian and very much pro-liberty– on both sides of the political divide.  You may argue that the pro-life agenda is authoritarian but conservatives, libertarians, and some socialist see the aborting mother as depriving liberty from the child or fetus (word varies depending your political bent).  There is a debate there. In which both sides share a common fear, depriving an individual liberty.

Depriving employment and coverage of a homosexual and their family does not have the contest.  The American right, I believe, will get to a point where they view same-sex marriage similar to members of their community holding different denominational beliefs.  I would make a John Stuart Mill reference here, but enough is enough.



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