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It’s time, yet again, for another installment of “What’s good in the world?” For today’s entry, I’d like everyone to take a moment and stand, please, with one hand on the heart. Are you standing? No cheating now. If you’re … Continue reading

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In The Merry Old Land of Aldi

Yesterday, my family and I went grocery shopping at Aldi. Each time we visit Aldi, I remember again that I like it so much, and I was struck with inspiration that this topic should be entered into the record of … Continue reading

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Sit back and tell me how you feel when you read the word, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks or Chic-fil-la?  If you are emotional, see two homosexuals kissing in front of the store, or have a bubbling sense of pride with a … Continue reading

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The Phoenix

Well, one of the last things I wrote on here was a sort of positional statement about trying to write from a less negative perspective — there’s an old Switchfoot song about “adding to the noise” that was kind of … Continue reading

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Every year or so there’s an article published somewhere in America that seeks to solve the Education Problem. Usually it appears in an outlet that is sufficiently serious enough to lend weight to the claim that “Families are falling apart,” … Continue reading

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