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A Shadow Syllabus

A friend of mine posted a link the other day to a Shadow Syllabus that an English teacher had written, and I really enjoyed it. It was inspiring and interesting, so I thought I would try to write one. Here’s … Continue reading

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John’s Last Day on Earth

John had a horrible day, just like any other day.  Every step he took was a dreadful reminder that he was still very much alive.  Today is his last day on earth.  Luckily, he did not care what type of … Continue reading

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Some Perspectives on Dishwashing

My thought process: Hmm. That’s really stuck on there. Will it come off in the dishwasher? Yeah it probably will. I’ll make sure it gets positioned for an optimal amount of soap and water. Well what about that then? Well … Continue reading

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Customer Service

So you want to be one of our customer service representatives do you? Well let me tell you, son, here at Time Warner Cable we take this job seriously. Customer service is the heart and soul of any company, and don’t … Continue reading

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Every year or so there’s an article published somewhere in America that seeks to solve the Education Problem. Usually it appears in an outlet that is sufficiently serious enough to lend weight to the claim that “Families are falling apart,” … Continue reading

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