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This week my four-year-old son Liam went to an appointment at the eye doctor. While we were there, both of my children were very curious about everything in the exam room, so we had to say “no, don’t touch that” … Continue reading

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The American Cave Dweller

In Plato’s Republic, he saw democratic citizens as chained prisoners in a cave. The only existence the prisoners have known was the life in the cave. These prisoners can only look forward. In front of them are figured shadows that … Continue reading

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Follow Your Bliss

Walking out to see the land I wonder how it began. The sun burns magnesium blacken souls Brittle leaves dry scaly cold. Atoms move slowly taking toll Bitter with absent knowledge Being hordes forever old.   Perceptions touch and electric … Continue reading

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Moral Reasoning as an answer to Harris and Epicurus Part 2

My last post started an exploration of this difficult issue, and it needs some clarification before it can be further expanded.  Let me start with what I feel is a safe assumption. In the U.S., the dominant moral philosophy is … Continue reading

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Answering Sam Harris and Epicurus

The Challenge Near the end of last semester, I stumbled across the following speech by Sam Harris, noted atheist: Here is the dilemma proposed by Harris: how can a good God exist in a world like ours? If millions … Continue reading

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America In Action

Advanced warning: this one is much longer than the 1,000 word limit.  On Monday a student asked me what I thought of the government shutdown, and I had to embarrassingly admit that I had no idea what he was talking … Continue reading

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This week I read Christopher Hitchen’s work, Mortality. The book is composed of a series of articles he wrote for the Vanity Fair about his journey with esophagus cancer.  He wasn’t aware of the cancer until June 2010 and by … Continue reading

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