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Defining the underlining principles, virtues, and what is worthy of recognition.


Sit back and tell me how you feel when you read the word, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks or Chic-fil-la?  If you are emotional, see two homosexuals kissing in front of the store, or have a bubbling sense of pride with a … Continue reading

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Some Perspectives on Dishwashing

My thought process: Hmm. That’s really stuck on there. Will it come off in the dishwasher? Yeah it probably will. I’ll make sure it gets positioned for an optimal amount of soap and water. Well what about that then? Well … Continue reading

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Marriage Part IV

So, after some thinking on the subject, and after some more reading, I think that I’ve reached a place from which to understand the concept of marriage and its role in society a little more fully. First of all, I … Continue reading

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Marriage III: An Excerpt from Facebook

Marriage III: An Excerpt from Facebook Whoa! Brandon & Zach, I enjoyed the read. I feel you guys are talking past one another. As to our government, we are a republic and we are a representative democracy. Our states have … Continue reading

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Marriage and Murder

My students are going to discuss a short play by Susan Glaspell, called “Trifles” when we get back from spring break. (For the record, I’m blaming spring break for the drought of posts). It’s one-act play that uses a single, … Continue reading

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Defining Our Telos Part II

In one of his last posts, Logan argued for the need to define, for society, what is the purpose, the ultimate end, of marriage. He chose to focus specifically on its purpose in society, as an institution. I would like … Continue reading

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Less about Love and More about Economics

Before entering the debate on marriage, I think it is fitting to discuss where it starts– the engagement ring.    An engagement ring is the current custom to start the official track to marriage.  This practice is very modern.  Before the … Continue reading

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