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Ignorance or Freedom?

Robert Maranto University of Arkansas Just the Facts Ma’am (and a Few Stories): What We Need in Civic Education More high school seniors identified Germany, Japan or Italy as U.S. allies in World War II than identified the Soviet Union. · Two-thirds … Continue reading

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When Information is Used as an Ideological Weapon

Or: “So Apparently I’m a White-Supremacist Now” I came across an article today (via an email newsletter) from Mother Jones: a news site that I have described in the past and will continue to describe in the future as a steaming … Continue reading

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Supremacy of Images

I can’t help but hear Team America every time!  WOOT! AMERICA! I am pooping stars and hurling up stripes!  I have to hand it to all the modern American presidents out there; they know how to get the patriot heart … Continue reading

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Congress: Good Intentions Paved the Road to Hell

Political scientist Polsby and James Pfiffner both agree: today’s congressional polarization began when the South turned away from its traditional Democratic roots and into the arms of the Republican Party.  According to Sean M. Theriault (political scientist), when the South … Continue reading

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