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This week my four-year-old son Liam went to an appointment at the eye doctor. While we were there, both of my children were very curious about everything in the exam room, so we had to say “no, don’t touch that” … Continue reading

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A Parable

One night, there was a large house that was slowly burning. A firefighter pushed his way through the flames and to the back of the house where there were many rooms that were filled with smoke and people. He carefully … Continue reading

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How to build a Campfire

First, there’s some important things you should know about trees. Trees get most of their mass by absorbing CO2 from the air. They save and use the carbon and excrete the oxygen. As a result, when you burn a campfire, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Chuck

Today is the 204th birthday of Charles Darwin, whose impact upon science, history, and culture is almost beyond compare in the modern world. He revolutionized biology and a few other sciences in the process. This is indisputable. Like many Christians, … Continue reading

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