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A Scientific Breakthrough

Last night CERN’s Large Hadron Collider announced the discovery of the strongest known bond between any two particles on earth: a baby’s fist and her father’s chest hair. Under exact external conditions these two substances tend to bond with incredible … Continue reading

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A Shadow Syllabus

A friend of mine posted a link the other day to a Shadow Syllabus that an English teacher had written, and I really enjoyed it. It was inspiring and interesting, so I thought I would try to write one. Here’s … Continue reading

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We’re all to Blame

The 2008 financial crisis was felt globally.  Prior to the crisis, for years, stock prices and real estate values had climbed.  This was due because of complex investments that were backed by mortgages whose value dropped. This contributed to a … Continue reading

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Every year or so there’s an article published somewhere in America that seeks to solve the Education Problem. Usually it appears in an outlet that is sufficiently serious enough to lend weight to the claim that “Families are falling apart,” … Continue reading

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The Best Thing in the World

Friday, July 26 began like a lot of Fridays. I had attended a meeting at work in which I developed some teaching material for the upcoming semester (it was one of those blessedly practical meetings). I came home and Liam, … Continue reading

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Despite my subconscious efforts to remain apathetic, the recent events of the Trayvon Martin case have flooded me via facebook and the rest of the internet. I’ve managed to avoid the televised coverage of the trial because I don’t watch … Continue reading

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Libraries, Logic, and Liam

When we moved to South Carolina, one of the best decisions we made was to move into an apartment complex that is directly across the street from the local library. I’ve had a blast catching up on some reading and … Continue reading

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