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A Shadow Syllabus

A friend of mine posted a link the other day to a Shadow Syllabus that an English teacher had written, and I really enjoyed it. It was inspiring and interesting, so I thought I would try to write one. Here’s … Continue reading

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It’s time, yet again, for another installment of “What’s good in the world?” For today’s entry, I’d like everyone to take a moment and stand, please, with one hand on the heart. Are you standing? No cheating now. If you’re … Continue reading

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John’s Last Day on Earth

John had a horrible day, just like any other day.  Every step he took was a dreadful reminder that he was still very much alive.  Today is his last day on earth.  Luckily, he did not care what type of … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

I haven’t blogged in at least a month. I feel terribly bad about this, but not too much, because you’re not really out there. You’re not real people. I’ve been on the track of an idea, which is my favorite … Continue reading

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The American Cave Dweller

In Plato’s Republic, he saw democratic citizens as chained prisoners in a cave. The only existence the prisoners have known was the life in the cave. These prisoners can only look forward. In front of them are figured shadows that … Continue reading

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Follow Your Bliss

Walking out to see the land I wonder how it began. The sun burns magnesium blacken souls Brittle leaves dry scaly cold. Atoms move slowly taking toll Bitter with absent knowledge Being hordes forever old.   Perceptions touch and electric … Continue reading

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You be the Teacher!

NOTE: I wrote this early last week with the intention of revising it and posting the finished version on Saturday. Then we had an interesting weekend, which I will probably post about later, and now I don’t feel like doing anything … Continue reading

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