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Moral Reasoning as an answer to Harris and Epicurus Part 2

My last post started an exploration of this difficult issue, and it needs some clarification before it can be further expanded.  Let me start with what I feel is a safe assumption. In the U.S., the dominant moral philosophy is … Continue reading

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Answering Sam Harris and Epicurus

The Challenge Near the end of last semester, I stumbled across the following speech by Sam Harris, noted atheist: https://soundcloud.com/tommy-peters/sam-harris-o-christianity-a Here is the dilemma proposed by Harris: how can a good God exist in a world like ours? If millions … Continue reading

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This week I read Christopher Hitchen’s work, Mortality. The book is composed of a series of articles he wrote for the Vanity Fair about his journey with esophagus cancer.  He wasn’t aware of the cancer until June 2010 and by … Continue reading

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5 Simple Tips for Deciphering the Bible

Like most internet experts, I’ve finally, after a year or so of casual study, managed to come to an almost complete understanding of the Bible: the big book that forms the center of the Christian faith. If you begin with these ideas … Continue reading

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Is Spider-Man Real?

I’ve seen this image or variations of it a few times, and I felt it was high time somebody addressed this inexcusable blasphemy once and for all. I’m sick and tired of these high-minded “rationalists” and their disdain for anything … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Chuck

Today is the 204th birthday of Charles Darwin, whose impact upon science, history, and culture is almost beyond compare in the modern world. He revolutionized biology and a few other sciences in the process. This is indisputable. Like many Christians, … Continue reading

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