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Moral Reasoning as an answer to Harris and Epicurus Part 2

My last post started an exploration of this difficult issue, and it needs some clarification before it can be further expanded.  Let me start with what I feel is a safe assumption. In the U.S., the dominant moral philosophy is … Continue reading

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Answering Sam Harris and Epicurus

The Challenge Near the end of last semester, I stumbled across the following speech by Sam Harris, noted atheist: https://soundcloud.com/tommy-peters/sam-harris-o-christianity-a Here is the dilemma proposed by Harris: how can a good God exist in a world like ours? If millions … Continue reading

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A Parable

One night, there was a large house that was slowly burning. A firefighter pushed his way through the flames and to the back of the house where there were many rooms that were filled with smoke and people. He carefully … Continue reading

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Church Signs

So today, on the way home from a marathon day of planning classes and drafting course documents, I passed a church sign that said “Jesus knows the way. Follow Him!” And now, normally, I’m indifferent to church signs. They’re an … Continue reading

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5 Simple Tips for Deciphering the Bible

Like most internet experts, I’ve finally, after a year or so of casual study, managed to come to an almost complete understanding of the Bible: the big book that forms the center of the Christian faith. If you begin with these ideas … Continue reading

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Kierkegaard and the Absurd

For the last couple weeks I have had a mild break between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the summer semester. I’ve put that time to pretty good use I feel: because I have amassed a … Continue reading

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Reason and the Abortion Debate

There have been a couple of stories pinging around the internet for the last few days, both of them have been seized by the pro-life movement. The first is the video testimony of Alisa LaPolt Snow, a planned parenthood lobbyist, … Continue reading

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