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John’s Last Day on Earth

John had a horrible day, just like any other day.  Every step he took was a dreadful reminder that he was still very much alive.  Today is his last day on earth.  Luckily, he did not care what type of … Continue reading

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We’re all to Blame

The 2008 financial crisis was felt globally.  Prior to the crisis, for years, stock prices and real estate values had climbed.  This was due because of complex investments that were backed by mortgages whose value dropped. This contributed to a … Continue reading

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Moral Reasoning as an answer to Harris and Epicurus Part 2

My last post started an exploration of this difficult issue, and it needs some clarification before it can be further expanded.  Let me start with what I feel is a safe assumption. In the U.S., the dominant moral philosophy is … Continue reading

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Answering Sam Harris and Epicurus

The Challenge Near the end of last semester, I stumbled across the following speech by Sam Harris, noted atheist: https://soundcloud.com/tommy-peters/sam-harris-o-christianity-a Here is the dilemma proposed by Harris: how can a good God exist in a world like ours? If millions … Continue reading

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So Mal from Firefly and Rick from The Walking Dead walk into a bar. . .

This morning I was grading some student essays while watching a marathon of Firefly in the background—and I would just like to say that I might have done something right with my life, because my wife turned to me and … Continue reading

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The Great Moral Dilemma of Our Time

In my class, my students just read “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, and to facilitate class discussion I asked my students to write a paragraph at the beginning of class answering the question, “Which is more valuable: … Continue reading

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